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Virbhadrasana III (Warrior Pose)


Step 1: Stand in Tadasana with legs together and your hands on your respective waists.

Step 2: Move your right leg at the back so that there is a gap of 4 to 4 ½ feet between your legs.

Step 3: Check that your hips are in one line and that your groin is facing the front.

Step 4: Raise your arms up and above your head with inhalation. Lengthen your body.

Step 5: Start leaning forward slowly with exhalation so that your body weight moves in front and your right leg becomes light; start sliding right leg towards the left.

Step 6: Hold for a second, exhale and get your body parallel to the floor making a T shape with your arms and right leg in one line and stretched in opposite direction.

Step 7: Your left leg is tall and firm on the floor.

Step 8: Your head is in between your arms and you are looking at the floor.

Step 9: Hold the posture for 20 seconds with normal breathing, come back slowly in reverse order and repeat in the other side.





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