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Simha Mudra


This is the posture the lion assumes just before attacking its prey so get into that attitude.

Step 1:  Sit in a comfortable position, place your palms firmly on the knees; Pressing your palms on the knees, lean forward slightly; hold this position and inhale;

Step 2: As you exhale, open your mouth wide; stretch your tongue out from its root as if you are trying to touch the chin with the tongue.

Step 3: Also, while exhaling, stretch your fingers wide apart with your palms firmly pressed against the knees.

Step 4: Bring your gaze in-between your eyebrows – Sambhavi Mudra (eye brow center gazing) – and keep your gaze fixed until you are holding the posture.
Step 5:The stretching out of the tongue can be accompanied with a roaring sound. Hold this for 20-30 seconds while breathing normally and then release.

Step 6: You can breathe from the mouth as well as nostrils.


  • Be careful not to bend the neck while leaning forward; the whole upper body is bending forward as one unit
  • Do not bend forward if suffering from any kind of backache

Jivha Mudra and Simha Mudra are to be performed alternatively at least in three sets. Practice upto 3 minutes in a day.  These can be performed anywhere anytime on an empty stomach.  The above practices, when done regularly, in combination, bring multiple benefits.  




  • Avoid in case of severe vertigo
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