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Jaw Drop

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable position with your spine in neutral position

Step 2: Stretch up the frontal part of your neck to get your chin facing the ceiling

Step 3: Frontal part of the neck is in a stretched position while  back part of your neck is in a kind of compressed position; shoulders are relaxed and should not be pulled up towards your ears

Step 4: Look at the ceiling, drop your lower jaw, start stretching your lower jaw from the root, first to the front and then up slowly & firmly up, so that ,the lower lip overlaps your upper lip. Hold for 10 seconds; drop it down and create as much gap as possible between your lips. Again repeat the same movement 10 times.

Step 5: To counter stretch, perform Jalandhar Band by lengthening the back of the neck and pressing the chin to the chest

Jaw Rotation

Step 1: Assume the position of Jaw Drop

Step 2: Rotate your lower jaw clockwise slowly; make as big a circle as possible; perform 10 rounds

Step 3: Rotate your lower jaw anti-clockwise; make is as big a circle as possible; perform 10 rounds

Step 4: Maintain the stretch throughout the  rotations

Step 5: Release and relax

Step 6: Perform Jalandhar Band by pressing your chin to the chest so that you can neutralize the stress on your neck





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