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Shammi’s Yogalaya  takes one into a fitness journey – a voyage which begins at a gross physical level but guides one to a subtle mental plane thereby providing a sound mind-body-soul balance — a goal we all strive for.

A human being is not only a body, a mind, emotion or just a spirit. Human being is a combination of these four dimensions of life – Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. Hence, we need to follow a multidimensional approach to strengthen these four facets of our life so as to develop a balanced human personality.

Shammi’s Yogalaya brings to you a comprehensive way of staying healthy. Our approach is to combine yoga techniques complemented by nutritional diet to help you lead a better life. We believe in closely working with our clients to create a tailor made programs specific to their needs.

How do we do it?

Step 1: Review the basic necessities of life which are adequate sleep, nutritious food, sufficient water intake, correct postures etc. It is important for us to understand if our lifestyle is in sync with the basic necessities mentioned above. It is important for us to analyze our lifestyle, both at work and at home, and identify the areas of improvement.

Step 2: The second step is to direct our restless mind towards body and breathe awareness. Our mind and senses are always running out to reach external objects and therefore it becomes even more important for us to direct it in the right direction by moving it to emotional wakefulness and mental alertness which would help us attain a dynamic personality.

Step 3: Offer a holistic approach to life in the form of a customized yoga programs, yogic therapies and counseling, sattvic diet, naturopathy tips etc. thereby dealing first with the existing concerns, bringing one on the normal plane and eventually directing him or her into this journey of mind, body and soul fitness.





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