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Upcoming Program:

Sculpted YOU V

Twenty-One Days Program Details

Yoga approaches Wellness from two perspectives: Cleansing & Nourishing. We will apply the same concept in this program. Before we begin to nourish the body, it is important to cleanse it of impurities. Hence cleansing different organs of the body would be an integral part of the program.

It is measurable

  • Once you register for the program, you will be sent a Pre-Health Assessment form which you will need to fill up and return to us before the program. This will give us an idea about your current state of wellness and help us guide you in a personalized manner.
  • The program will commence with Body Fat Analysis details. That would provide a base benchmark to be analyzed against the data collected on the last date of the program.
  • We will have mid progress analysis
  • You will be provided with a ‘Food Analysis Sheet’ which you will need to update on a daily basis. This will not only help us track your eating pattern but at the same time, make you aware of your habitual patterns as well.
  • We will have a thorough analysis of the data collected at the end of the program to check the ‘transformation’ in last 21 days.

Nutritional Philosophy as per Naturopathy

  • You will be educated on the guidelines of naturopathy for natural living and will be directed to follow that in totality with complete submission.
  • Nourishing will have two aspects to it: Nutritional Philosophy based on the concept of Naturopathy and Sattvic food. From day 1 of the program itself, you will be educated on Nutritional Philosophy by the practitioner in this field.
  • You would be guided to make weekly changes in your eating pattern to have a smooth transition towards a healthy eating pattern.

Yogic Application

  • The second aspect will be working on body applying the rules of exercise physiology. This area too will be handled by the expert in the field.
  • You will be yourself amazed to check your progress in this area which will be higher on intensity, strength building, endurance etc. as the program is designed in a logical manner.
  • Yogic cleansing will bring you the awareness of the lightness and purity in the body, also helping you get over day to day minor health issues.
  • The days you are not physically with us, you will be given a plan to follow.

One on One Counselling

You will have one on one counselling with the expert who would listen to your concern and custom design a program for you.

Three Months Program

You will be given a three months program to follow after this.

Program Dates and Venue

  • The “Sculpted You V” commences on June 17, 2018 evening and ends on July 11, 2018
  • The venue for the same is Powai, Mumbai – 400 072, INDIA
  • There are two batches 5.45 am to 7 am and 7 pm to 8.15 pm from Monday to Friday. All the Saturday mornings are included as well in the program. Saturdays would be a combined batch. One hour of stretches working on deep tissue stretches and the other hour of Nutritional Education.

Program Fee

Fee:Rs.15000/- (+18% GST)

Early Bird (On or before June 10): Rs.14000/- (+18% GST)

Online transfer details:


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 50200006715186





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